What are the shirts made of?

Under each of the one of the "T-Shirt Stories", you see that there is also a description of the t-shirt quality.   

Do the shirts shrink?

Since our shirts are not pre-shrunk and are either 100% cotton or a cotton blend (heathered shirt descriptions will typically say cotton is within the tri-blend material), your washing machine/dryer are both responsible for any (potentially embarrassing) shrinkage. Below is a quick guide on how to manage your shrinkage.

Wash Temperature Dry Temperature  Shrinkage
Warm/Hot Regular Heat 1/2 a size
Warm Low Heat Up to 1/2 a size
Cold Hang Dry Little to no shrinkage

Also as a tip, trying washing the t-shirts inside out to protect the integrity of the high-quality design.  

Do the shirts run large or small?

As noted within the t-shirt descriptions, you'll see that we also provide a size guide so you can make sure you know what sizes you will be getting.

Why do some sizes cost more?

We try to use a universal baseline for pricing our t-shirts, but for certain materials (tri-blend tees) and sizes our inventory supplier charges a bit more for those t-shirts.  That additional charge to us is reflected in a slight mark up, but please know that we try our best to make sure that the mark up is as reasonable as possible.   

What kind of special pricing do I get when I order in bulk?

Please send us a note by using the contact us page and tell us the size of your order.  We'll be sure to negotiate pricing with you to reflect our thanks for the big order!

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

We want you to be happy with your purchase and would like to ensure that you get what you were looking for.  For all shirts, we will happily exchange the shirt for a different size or color if you were unhappy with your original order.  If a shirt is damaged, a full refund will be issued (and of course you can exchange the shirt for a new one free of charge).

If you have a return/exchange request, please send us a note at info@nocollarcrime.com with a brief description of the issue and we'll help you out ASAP.

Crud, I just placed an order but it was to the wrong address.  What can I do?

Please send a note to info@nocollarcrime.com as soon as your realize the folly of your ways, and we'll try to help you out with changing the address. Time is of the essence as we use an on-demand supplier that typically fulfills orders within 24 hours of your purchase. 

Dang it!  I just placed an order but clicked the wrong size/color.  What can I do?

As noted above under the wrong address section of this FAQ, please send a note to info@nocollarcrime.com as soon as possible.  As noted above, we are always happy to do an exchange.

How long until my shirt arrives?

Orders are usually filled by our supplier within 24 hours of your purchase.  It then takes between 2-7 business days to get the shirt made and shipped out.  Send us a note at info@nocollarcrime.com if you're shirt has not arrived in within that window and we'll be sure to help track down where it's at.

I have an awesome idea!  Can I get a customized design?

We are always open to feedback, ideas, and suggestions.  If you'd like to get a custom design, please send us a note at info@nocollarcrime.com for us to make the best t-shirt to represent your profession.  All other feedback, suggestions, etc. can be sent there as well.