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Hello again from NCC!  In my inaugural blog post, I spoke a bit about what the point of this blog is, but as soon as I published the write up, I immediately started thinking to myself that I missed saying a ton of other things about NCC.  So, for this week, I thought it’d be worthwhile to give you all a little more perspective on what are NCC’s initial focus areas, and I also want to provide you all with a glimpse into how we hope the future plays out.

(Note the obligatory "Office Space" meme for explaining our purpose.  Every start class always has some reference to this amazing flick and we're not above doing that too.)

You probably already realized from the “About us” that NCC aims to put the fun back in the workplace, but you’re probably like, “Ok, but whose workplace are you talking about?”

Great question.  You might have already noticed the (somewhat obvious) theme for the initial focus areas will be on t-shirts in the finance and accounting worlds.  It’s not that we’re saying that these are the best sectors to work in; they’re just the ones that we’re the most familiar with (and therefore all the hilarious puns flow much easier from our noodle).  The long-term vision for NCC is to expand into other professions as well.  Lawyers, doctors, techies…you name it and we’ll probably be making a (fantastic) shirt for it someday in the future.  And the future shirts won’t be just for our white-collar friends.  Assuming we come up with worthy ideas (and trust me we’ll work our butts off to do so), the idea is that eventually we’ll go down the avenue of making shirts for all our blue-collar buddies and any other color of collar that is out there.  As we say on the homepage, we celebrate ALL works of life :)

Some other things we’re passionate about is trying to leverage our business to champion good causes.  While we’re definitely still in our nascent stage at this point in time, as NCC grows we’ll be able to use some of the proceeds received to give back to the community.  A huge passion of ours is financial literacy education for kids.  With how fast things move nowadays and how complicated our world has become, it’s only appropriate for us to make sure that our future generations are sharp as tacks especially when it comes to their wallets.  Figuring out how to make an impact in our communities is on the long-term list of the many goals for NCC, but with your help, I’m sure that we’ll get there.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd I think that’s about it for the things I wanted to hit on.  With that said, I wish you all a fond farewell and keeping rockin’ out at work.


Much professional love,

John @ NCC


P.S.  I got in the test version of the “Accrual Summer” t-shirt the other day and it officially makes me wish that it wasn’t the dead of January right now so that I could wear it around town.  But, good things come to those who wait, so I suppose that means that I’ll just have to hold off until it’s time to hit the beach.


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