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And so it begins!

It's Monday and this seemed like the perfect day of the week to OFFICIALLY kick off the NCC blog! Since Monday is the start of most people's work week, Monday has unfortunately cultivated a reputation of being branded as the worst day of the week. It's like you can almost hear the sound of a dramatic "duhn, duhn, duhnnnnnn" somewhere in the distance whenever the word "Monday" is uttered.

But I have a profound idea...or maybe just a super basic but positive idea.  The simple idea is that we need to change that. Work must stop being viewed as this concept we dread, and instead be viewed as something that (dare I say) we possibly look forward to.  After all, work takes up way too much time in our waking hours for us to not try and enjoy it at least a little bit.

And with that now aside, it's time to talk turkey. You're probably wondering what the point of this blog is. Well, the short answer is that it's a lot of things. As we mentioned in the "About us", the point of No Collar Crime is to use t-shirts as a way to remind ourselves that it's ok (or should I say necessary) to have fun with work. This blog will reflect that core value of fun by taking a look at a whole bunch of things. Topics can range from cool/unique office trends to talking about other t-shirt blogs or even discussing the music that gets us pumped while doing our daily grind.  The blog will also showcase how people and things inspire us everyday so don't expect any negative Nancy posts.  Punchline is that the possibilities are endless!

Oh, and of course, the blog will also highlight the journey of NCC. If you couldn't tell, we are very much a start-up thing.  I have no idea where it's gonna go, but I want to make sure take the blog readers along with us.  We also plan to feature pics and testimonials from our lovely NCC customers in their favorite t-shirts, so please send any photos our way. As a little FYI, photos with people wearing ray bans and partying it up with friends (in or out of the office) hold a soft spot in our heart :)

So here's to Monday and to new beginnings! Thanks a ton for stopping by No Collar Crime, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions send us a note right here: “Contact us”


Much professional love,

John @ NCC


P.S. We ordered some t-shirts to ensure the quality is great and it is!  Check out the pic.  So awesome!


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